Wellmore is committed to making clean, great-tasting products that improve the health and wellbeing of our consumers and the planet!

Owned by WM Partners, Wellmore Holdings owns and operates a portfolio of clean, fast-growing brands across several health and wellness categories, including sports nutrition, plant-based protein, collagen, teas, and superfoods.

The Wellmore portfolio of brands includes Vega, Great Lakes Wellness, Jade Leaf Matcha, and FGO (From Great Origins). Our functional beverage brands make it easier to look, feel and be well.

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Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our culture. They embody the philosophy that guides our team – encouraging us to tirelessly pursue our goals, and articulating the standards to which we hold ourselves.



We are obsessed with customer service and consumer meaningful products. We must ruthlessly prioritize, saying “NO” to many activities. We move swiftly, executing our priorities with excellence.



We are proven experts who know what good looks like. We are prepared and data-driven but exude an entrepreneurial spirit. We are agile, pace setting leaders that give off a positive energy. We love to win, it’s contagious!


We are… ALL IN

We are owners not renters - we put our name on it. We have a bias for action knowing that time matters. We always find a way to succeed.


We are a… TEAM

We do the “harder right, vs the easier wrong” and put our team ahead of ourselves. We are clear, direct, kind communicators, open to healthy debate, even when it's hard. We celebrate and reward our wins together.

Our Brands